Stand out and stay protected in the new Richa Rain Flare jacket

As the days get shorter, riders across the UK know the worry of not being seen while riding. The new Rain Flare jacket from Richa is made from an innovative 3M® flare material that lights up day and night, helping riders to stand out and stay protected.

Perfect for those riders who want to ensure they are seen in low light conditions, but don’t want to look to be wearing hi-visibility clothing as the Rain Flare jacket appear grey unless illuminated by an external light source.

Retro-reflectivity helps the eye perceive objects in low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source. Retro-reflectivity, as the name suggests, occurs when light rays are returned in the direction they came from – e.g. from car headlights – therefore appearing brightest to the observer near the original light source. In the case of car headlights, the jacket would appear brightest to the driver and passenger of the car. Due to the way the light is returned, the retro-reflective materials enhance the contrast of the wearer for the observer near the original light source as little of the returned light is scattered.

Designed to fit over rider’s usual motorcycle jacket due to its stretchable outer shell, not only does it offer extra active rider safety thanks to the 3M® flare material, but its waterproof 10,000mm Aquashell PRO 2L membrane, keeps riders dry even in the heaviest of downpours.

It has a mesh lining, a vertical zipper closure and a choice of four pockets (two outside and two inside). An elastic waist strap and puller cord are integrated for an optimal fit and it has been designed with a slim fit to prevent any flapping in the wind.

In UK dealers now with RRPs from £99.99, the Rain Flare jacket is available in sizes XS-6XL.

For more information on the Richa range or to locate your nearest Richa UK stockist, visit or call 01425 478936.